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Polisario Front Smuggling International Aid – OE Watch, US Foreign Military Studies Office, Michael Rubin

* “Should these reported trends continue, it is possible that internal fissures within the Polisario-administered camps might become the death knell for a group which, in effect, is one of the last relics of both the Cold War and African liberation movements.” *
– OE Watch Commentary, Michael Rubin
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The Polisario front and the development of terrorismin in the SAHEL

For the past thirty-five years, the conflict surrounding the Western Sahara has disturbed North Africa and caused tension between Morocco and Algeria. 
International efforts at mediation, promoted in particular by the United Nations enabled the signing of a cease-fire in 1991 but have still not resulted in an agreement over this territory, of which over 80% is controlled and administered by the Kingdom of Morocco.

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