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Guinea President: We Supports Sahara Autonomy and Will Strive for Morocco’s Return to AU

Conakry – Guinean president, Alpha Condé, expressed his country’s clear and unequivocal support to Morocco’s autonomy plan to settle the Sahara issue and stressed that his country “will strife” for Morocco’s “swift” return to the African Union (AU).”

“Since the rule of Haj Ahmed Sékou Touré, Guinea has always supported Morocco in the Sahara issue and backs the autonomy proposal put forward by Morocco”, he said in an interview with MAP.

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NGOs from 15 African countries strongly condemn violations of human rights in Tindouf camps

NGOs call on UN and UNHCR to assume responsibility and identify inhabitants of the camps
African NGOs and institutions are better than their Western counterparts in the defense of Saharawi peaceful demonstrators currently abused by Polisario militia in Tindouf camps.

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Terrorism in north africa and Sahel

One cannot fully understand the impact of rising terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel without looking back to warning signs from previous years that exploded with deadly resultsin January 2013 in Mali and Algeria.Among those December anniversary dates related to North, West, and Central Africa that offer historical lessons on the regional and globalstrategic implications are the following:

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Humanitarian Tragedy in Tindouf Expounded to UNHRC

Many human rights advocates have launched a distress call before the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to denounce the humanitarian tragedy thousands of Sahrawis are going through in the Tindouf camps in Algeria. 
Held as hostages for nearly four decades, thousands of Sahrawis are paying for the standoff between Morocco and Algeria, through the Polisario Front, over the Western Sahara.

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