Written Statements

The Western Sahara case was entered as No. 6 1 in the Court's General List on 3 January 1975 and was the subject of an Advisory Opinion delivered on 16 October 1975 (Western Sahara, Advisov Opinion, I.C.J. Reports 1975, p 12). 
The order of publication of the statements and documents presented in this case is as follows : 


  • Volume 1. Request for advisory opinion ; dossier transmitted by the Secretary General of the United Nations ; written statements of France, Panama, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, the Dorninican Republic. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Spain ; information and documents presented by Spain beginning). 
  • Volume II. Remainder of information and documents presented by Spain. 
  • Volume III. Written staternents and docunienis presented by Mauritania and Morocco. 
  • Volume IV. Oral statements (beginning). 
  • Volume V. Rernainder of oral statements ; correspondence. 
Neither the typographical presentation nor the spelling of proper narnes ernployed in this publication may be used for the purpose of interpreting the texts reproduced. Diffenngversionsor translationsof the same tex1 in English or French have been left unaltered. 
In cross-references between volumes, the number of the volume referred to is indicated with a large Roman numeral in bold type. 
The Hague, 1981. 
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