Polisario caught up by the Arab Spring (Argentinean scholar)

Polisario caught up by the Arab Spring (Argentinean scholar)
Carlos Adalberto Agozino is an Argentinean scholar. He said that recent incidents in the Polisario Tindouf camps are signs of the "Arab Spring" which begins to blow on these camps with an effect on Polisario leaders.

Populations in Tindouf camps have understood that the persistence of separatist leaders in their refusal to open discussions with Morocco on the basis of the autonomy plan for the Sahara region, proposed by the Kingdom in 2007, hinders any possibility to alleviate their suffering and end their deplorable living conditions , added the Argentinean scholar in an article published on his blog and echoed by several local media.

 Encouraged by changes in several countries in North Africa in the wake of the Arab Spring, the populations sequestered in Tindouf began to "give voice to voice their discontent , despite the fierce repression they face from not only the Polisario militia but the DRS, the terrible Algerian intelligence service , "said Carlos Agozino , professor at the John F. Kennedy University in Buenos Aires.

 According to the author of " The Geopolitics of the Sahara and the Sahel " , Algeria fears that the growing discontent in Tindouf , reaches other parts of the country , ahead of presidential elections.

 The protest in the Tindouf camps began in March 2011 when an organization called " Youth of the Saharawi Revolution " took to the streets denouncing " corruption , nepotism and cronyism " of Polisario leaders , said the Argentinean researcher , adding that despite the " brutal " repression and rapid dismantling of the movement which resulted in the arrest of its leaders, the discontent of the population has continued and new leaders have taken over the fight .

 The arrival in the region of the staff of the UN Secretary General for the Sahara, Christopher Ross Envoy, has provided an opportunity for people to reaffirm their rejection of the Polisario Front , stressed Professor Carlos Agozino , adding that some 400 people, mostly members of the Rguibat - Souaed tribe, including Secretary General of the Polisario , Mohamed Abdelaziz , held on January 23-24, protests during which the crowd invested premises in Smara camps.

 Despite brutality , repression has failed to quell the protests and incidents have succeeded causing an outbreak of violence, he said, adding that the protests erupted following the arrest by elements of the Algerian police of two young men from Rguibat Souaed - Khatri Ould Hammadha Ould Khandoud and Mohamed Ould Aliyenne.

 In response to the arrests, a group of protesters tried a sit -in outside the office of the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) in Rabouni , observing a hunger strike , the researcher added, noting that the demonstrators were violently repressed by the Polisario forces , supported by elements of the Algerian security.

 According to Professor Carlos Agozino , despite violations of human rights committed by Polisario with the help of Algerian security forces, UNHCR officials have remained silent while refusing to receive the leaders of the protest while the climate of tension persisted in the Tindouf camps, thereby exposing the true face of the Polisario , a " puppet entity."

 The living conditions are so poor in the Tindouf camps that the number of people decreases over the years , also noted the Argentinean researcher , adding that UNHCR and the World Food Programme (WFP ) estimated that two-thirds of women suffer from anemia and a third of children with chronic malnutrition.

 For its part, the famous Spanish writer Reyes Monforte , who has visited the camps to ascertain the living conditions of populations before publishing " Besos de Arena" ( Kissing sands) , said that the water consumed in these camps is dangerously polluted due to the proximity of water points from septic tanks , reported Carlos Agozino .

 Camp populations suffer from constant diarrhea, dehydration, digestive diseases and blindness , he said, adding that despite the deplorable health situation , Polisario is committed to closely monitor sequestered people in Tindouf preventing them from returning to their homeland, Morocco , or simply go abroad.

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