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Sahara issue: For the King of Morocco the year 2017 was that of clarity, firmness

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 03:28
The year 2017 has been the year of clarity and firmness with regard to the Sahara issue and of a return to the standards and principles for the settlement of the artificial dispute over the Moroccanness of the Sahara, said the King of Morocco Mohammed VI. In a speech on the occasion of the 64th […]

The Polisario irked by opening of McDonald’s in Laayoune

Fri, 08/18/2017 - 11:32
The Polisario Front learnt with great bitterness the opening of a restaurant of the American fast food chain “McDonald’s” in Laayoune, while the city’s inhabitants welcomed the news. The Polisario leaders have called the “separatists of the interior” to incite the inhabitants of Laayoune to boycott McDonald’s After they attempted to convince the American chain […]

Polisario irked by Uruguay’s refusal to seize a cargo of Moroccan phosphate

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 11:32
The authorities of Uruguay, one of the few Latin American countries that still support the Polisario’s separatist claims, refused to seize a ship carrying 300 tons of Moroccan phosphate from the Boucraa deposit in Western Sahara. Following suit to Panama, which eventually released a ship carrying a shipment of phosphate from southern Morocco destined to […]

Polisario in awkward situation after arrest of 19 Moroccans, falsely accused of drug trafficking

Wed, 07/26/2017 - 11:50
The Polisario, which announced on Sunday (July 16) the arrest of 19 Moroccans it falsely accused of drug trafficking, found itself in a very awkward situation not only with respect to Algeria but also the MINURSO and the Sahrawi tribe of the arrested persons. Contrary to the allegations of the separatist front, which accused the […]

Polisario’s new diversion to put pressure on the UN, Morocco

Thu, 07/20/2017 - 13:12
The Polisario announced the arrest last Sunday, to the east of the Moroccan defense wall in the Sahara, of 19 Moroccan civilians, accusing them of serving as mules (individual carriers) for drug dealers.  The 19 Moroccans were arrested, according to a statement from the so-called ” Ministry of Defense” in the locality of Aghchan Lbyad, […]

Moroccan OCP group accuses South Africa of “act of political piracy”

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 19:46
The Moroccan phosphate group (OCP) denounced on Thursday (July 13) South Africa for committing an “act of political piracy” after its justice had ordered, in mid-June, the seizure of a ship carrying a cargo of Moroccan phosphates mined in Western Sahara. The incident dates back to May 1, when a South African court ordered the […]

Sahara: Morocco scores points at African Union summit

Fri, 07/07/2017 - 11:58
Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita on Tuesday (July 4) in Addis Ababa expressed Morocco’s satisfaction at the decisions taken on the Sahara at the 29th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the African Union (EU).  “Morocco is very pleased with the debates and decisions that have been taken place at this session,” Nasser […]

UN-Decolonization: Algeria, Venezuela suffer stinging defeat at C-24

Thu, 06/29/2017 - 13:19
The June session of the UN Decolonization Committee ended in New York Friday (June 23) on a double failure of the Committee Chair, Venezuelan ambassador Rafael Ramirez, and of the Algerian diplomacy with regard to the Moroccan Sahara issue. The vigilance of Moroccan diplomacy and the mobilization of Morocco’s friends from Africa, the Caribbean, Asia […]

Morocco expects of Angola neutrality in Western Sahara conflict

Wed, 06/21/2017 - 12:38
Morocco has made another stride in its rapprochement with Angola, one of the 13 Anglophone countries in Southern Africa that still recognize the so-called Sahrawi republic “SADR” and support the independence claims of the Algeria-backed Polisario Front. The two countries, which severed relations 20 years ago, have resumed contact in high gear, with the signing […]

Moroccan Phosphate: Polisario’s action dismissed by Panama Justice

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 12:33
The Panamanian Justice rejected a request by the Polisario for the seizure in the Panama Canal of a cargo of Moroccan phosphates onboard Ultra Innovation ship. The cargo, loaded in the port of Laayoune, was to be delivered in Vancouver, Canada. After it was forcibly anchored for a few days, the boat had been allowed […]

Western Sahara: Algeria suffers two setbacks at the UN in the course of a single day

Sat, 06/03/2017 - 12:16
Algeria suffered two setbacks at the United Nations in New York, in the course of a single day, while its Moroccan neighbor was granted two key positions by the UN General Assembly. Despite the offensive by Algerian diplomats and their use of unorthodox means, Morocco won with flying colors the positions of Vice-President of the […]

Sahara: Algiers, the Polisario jump on everything to score points but only glean failures

Fri, 05/26/2017 - 12:38
The Polisario Front and its Algerian mentor have tried every manoeuver in an attempt to score even the least points in their struggle against Morocco around its Sahara, but they only gleaned a succession of failures. After they conceded with bitterness their failures on the diplomatic level in the UN, Africa and Europe, not to […]

UN-Sahara: Algerian official attacks physically a Moroccan diplomat

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 20:09
The Sahara issue continues to poison relations between Algeria and Morocco, to the extent that an Algerian official has physically assaulted a Moroccan diplomat during a meeting of a UN body held Thursday (May 18) in St. Lucia. Soufiane Mimouni, Director General of the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assaulted the Deputy Chief of Morocco’s […]

France-Legislatives: Candidate Leila Aïchi’s support for the Polisario comes at a high price

Sun, 05/21/2017 - 16:39
The French-Algerian senator, Leïla Aïchi, has paid a high price for her support for the Polisario, as her name disappeared, on Wednesday, from the final list of candidates of “La République en marche!” (LREM) for the June legislative elections in France. The candidacy of Leila Aïchi, who has been listed by MoDem of François Bayrou […]

Western Sahara: Algeria and the Polisario angered by Washington’s pro-Morocco stand

Fri, 05/12/2017 - 11:38
Algeria and the Polisario are finding it difficult to conceal their resentment at the stance expressed lately by Donald Trump’s administration regarding the Moroccan Sahara conflict. The separatists and their mentors were hoping to see the new US administration adopt a stand on this issue favorable to their theses, but they were bitterly disappointed. While […]

Malawi exacerbates Polisario’s troubles

Sun, 05/07/2017 - 00:47
Malawi has exacerbated the Polisario’s diplomatic troubles when it announced Friday its decision to withdraw its recognition of the SADR, the so-called Sahrawi republic, self-proclaimed by the Algeria-backed separatist front. Malawi is thus the 35th African country to withdraw its recognition of the SADR that is not recognized by the UN nor by any major […]